Project 3 – Fan Culture

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First of all, there are some terms needed to be defined.



According to the Joli Jenson (1992) fan culture can also mean fandom culture. “The fan is consistently characterized as a potential fanatic. This means that fandom is seen as excessive, bordering on deranged, behavior.” (pg. 9)

Fandom as pathology

Joli Jenson (1992) claimed that “the characterization of fandom as pathology is based in, supports, and justifies elitist and disrespectful beliefs about our common life.” (pg. 10) 

This is really interesting that fan culture assume to be one kind of illness, according to Joli Jenson, there is no doubt that

Celebrity culture

Moreover, the fan culture can be related to an academic study about the celebrity culture. According to the Kristine Harmon claimed that the celebrity have the sheer power to re-create and change the behavior of their fans or even the common people. This prospect looks quite similar to Joli Jenson said that the fan culture as pathology, depending on the justify elitist.


Big Hit of Avatar

1.1 Background and History of Avatar

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the earlier meaning of Avatar should be “Hindu Myth. The descent of a deity to the earth in an incarnate form.” the god in India, for the literature meaning “appearance” or “manifestation” is more suitable.

The historical background about this film include the scriptwriter and director James Cameron and starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Joel David Moore, and Michelle Rodriguez. The development on Avatar began in 1994, James Cameron wrote a 80-page script for the film. Originally, the film would like to release in 1999, but James did not satisfy the vision of the film, he believed that the technology is not enough for this film yet. At last, he started the screenplay and fictional universe in early 2006.

The official budge of this film is $237 million. Other estimates put the cost around 280-310 million dollars, and promotion fee cost $150 million.

They use the traditional 2D project as will as in 3D, using the RealD, Dolby 3D and IMAX 3D formats, and also 4D. People do believe that this technique breakthrough the tradition cinematic technology.

1.2 Media which they appear

1.2.1 Internet Social Media

The media that they have shown up should be in the internet social media. Including: Twitter, Face book, MySpace, Flicker and Youtube!/officialavatarmovie?v=wall&ref=search

On Youtube, people can also have the information from Avatar. Alternatively, there is something which is quite interesting at all. For example, they will refresh the website, even the film took off from the cinema already, but the campaign is still right here. They did provide some interview with the Director, and the shot from behind scene. Those of the things can attract the audience. Nevertheless, they can keep the energy for the next episode of Avatar as James Cameron did promise he will establish he Avatar 2.

Moreover, not only those of the social media have the information about Avatar.

1.2.2 In the actual world

They broadcast the Avatar official trailer on TV and the campaign in radio too. Of course, the advertisements in cinema and on the road show.



1.3 Why Avatar can rise to fame and achieve to success.

1.3.1 3-Dimensions technique

As most of the people know, Avatar has the version for high-technology IMAX 3D viewing; people do believe that this technique can help to make a better benefit in CES (Consumer Electronic Show).

1.3.2 The infusion into the main stream of the society consciousness

Avatar gives a main idea that the “technology destroy the purity of nature”. In the current year, there is no doubt that people will focus on the environmental protection aspect. Avatar did meet into the interest of most of the people; it is the reason why Avatar will be that success.

1.3.3 Being noimanted in Oscar

Avatar nominated for nine Academy Awards. At last it won three, for best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, and Best Art Direction.


2.1 Fans of Avatar

Fans category

There are quite a lot of different kind of people are the fans of Avatar. The following explanation will focus on different category of fans toward the same idea of Avatar Environmental protect. They are Post80s in Hong Kong, an individual fan – Beverly Jane and a group of fans.


2.1.1Post 80s in Hong Kong

The characteristic of the Post80s in Hong Kong as below

Post 80s actually have the same meaning as generation Y (End of 70s). Mostly, the Hog Kong Post80s have a higher purchasing ability, high education and high motivation for participating the social campaign and Political event. 


The relationship between the post80s in Hong Kong and Avatar

In Hong Kong, there is quite a lot of post 80’s for anti the High Speed Rail (HSR) construction connects to the mainland China few months before. Some of the politicians believe that the reason for anti the policy may because of the film Avatar. The story of Avatar raise up the emotion of anti High Civilized country (Hong Kong Government) invade to the Low Civilized country (Tsoi Yuen Chuen Village), as the political stream suit to the political climax. Post 80’s depend on belief of Avatar for anti the HSR because of invasion of the village.

Post 80 in Hong Kong felt excited about Avatar

(They group almost 200 people for watching the Avatar, and get the banner for anti HSP)

“This is our land” quoted from the film Avatar

There is no doubt that the film gives this idea to the audience. Especially, it influences the mind setting of the Post80s. Originally, people believe that the post80s is not interested in the politic. However, the film Avatar raises the emotion aspect of the post80s and this is the cause for them to demonstrate for protecting Tsoi Yuen Chuen Village.

As the story main idea, environment protection will be the main focus nowadays. On the other hand, some of the people use Avatar as a chance for claiming their belief.


(South China Morning Post did notice the influence of Avatar towards post 80s)

2.1.2 An individual fan – Beverly Jane

Beverly Jane is a particular fan who is really interest in Avatar, and would like to use the video she made to win the prize in There is no doubt that Avatar gives her inspiration for doing the video.

She would like to use the idea of Avatar for encouraging people be environmental friendly. Of course, she use Avatar as a chance for calling people pay more attention about the BP oil spilt in US.


The relationship between this woman and Avatar actually depend on the incident of BP oil disaster in US. As the information about, Avatar’s main idea should be the environmental friendly, treasure our resource in the earth and be friendly to the nature. Unfortunately, the massive disaster happened in the coast of Gulf in Mexico. It harms to the nature environment. Jane would like to use Avatar for rising up people attention on this incident. 


2.1.3 A group of fans – Environmentalism

There is a particular group also really love the Avatar, they paint their skin in blue and make themselves like Avatar. Those of the people are environmentalism and they really love the nature and would like to return back to the wild.


This group of people come from America. They really get influenced by Avatar. They claimed that they would stay in the nature environment rather than in the well constructed city.



Actually, Avatar gives the reason to the people going back to the nature. Greenpeace believe that the Avatar inspired the activism. More and more people believe that the environmental friendly is the most important issue currently. Avatar just likes accelerator to make people pay more attention in the environmental issue.

3.1.1 How the fans putting themselves involve in Avatar

They try to imitate as Avatar, they will have the Avatar Make-up

Avatar Make up

Avatarize yourself

In this blog, you can avatarize yourself. The Avatar official cooperate with McDonald, the website provide the chance for their fans for making his/her own Avatar.


How it should be ended

Fans made film.

Avatar Official Trailer




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The adoring audience – fan culture and popular media (1992), published in USA and Canada by Routledge

The fan club of Avatar

Fan club in India


The notes – Week 10

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Reception studies,

the concepts related to the British culture studies,
Three framworks should be categorized,
Dominant – accept the ideology the film contain.
Opposition – reject the ideologyt that the film contain.
Negotiated – Both accept and oppostion ideologies, more netural.

Media is the message,

The ideologies from the film may not be accepted by you, than the argument comes out. Oppostional readings are automatically progressive, and the dominant readings are regressive.

The TV program that TDM should have

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Sketch Show – (sth like comedy)

– Name: I love Macau!
The story related to the things happend in Macau, including the political field, interesting pop culture, youngster behavior, etc.

-one hour per week

-Three cameras. (easy for shooting)

-live audience will help to make a better atmosphere during shooting.

-Intended/target audience: Macau residents

Picture analysis

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Mise en Secne: the picture include the american soccer and a bleeding hand. We can have the feeling of braveness. Moreover, we can imagine that even the athlete got hurt but he still overcome his painful in order to win the game.

Lighting: the key lighting should be come from the top, the sun light. Moreover, there is high high key lighting since there is high contrast in the hand.

Camera Angle: it should be the extremely close up, it helps to emphasis the subject.

Point of view: third person point of view.

Jazz Music in Podcast!!!

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This podcast is a music channel, I love this kind of channel, since it is not only give you the music, it also gives you some idea and the background information about the musician, composer and history about the music. I do believe that I wil keep going to podcast because of this channel.

Let’s podcasting!!~

The Screen Shot of my website~~

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Just have fun!!~

Something about my past

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There is a new personal website of me, and this thing is one of the assignment when I was in Holland, I hope people you all will like it.

Moreover, this one is one of the concert I was playing in an orchestra, the location is in Austria – Salzuburg, I think it is really a good memory for me. Indeed, it just memory, and nothing left for me related to this orchestra.